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Masteryacht Offshore  Skipper

Master  Of  Yacht Offshore course 

INA (International Nutical Academy) sailing school Spain  Yachtmaster Offshore training is  a recreational  International certificate of competency that will allow you to sail an rent yacht all over the world  and command sailing and/or power vessels up to 24 metres in length up to 60/150 nm offshore.  the ultimate goal of skippers. It is a well known & highly recognised  qualification all over the world , It is designed for skipper how all ready have a Day skipper / Powerboat level 2 or MasterYacht Costaland want a bigger sailing license . The Skipper training course will proving your experience and competence as a Boat achieve much mor bigger sea  passage up to 60 or 150 mile from ( the 150 mile can be obtained if student  do the Master of yacht training course ) mile from  safe shelter and it is also allow you to sail on vassals up to 24 meter.  

The MasterYacht offshore course is an important license. and  It can enables you to convert it to a commercial MasterYacht and  work as commercial Skipper on vessels of up to 200gt ( ask us about comercial boating license spain).The Yachtmaster offshore online theory can be done also in a class 

Master Of  Yacht Offshore  Theory

Course topics include:​

(The theory can be made in class )

Safety at sea and use of safety equipment aboard

  • Familiarization with electronic navigational aids

  • Variation & Deviation

Aids to navigation

  • Channel lateral marks & cardinal marks

  • Safe water mark & special marks

  • Isolated danger mark & Emergency wreck buoy

Marine Navigation

  • Types of charts

  • Nautical publication

  • Chart work instruments

  • Reading chart symbols

Marine Navigation

  • Longitude & Latitude scale familiarization

  • Plotting a position on chart

  • Measuring distances

  • Plotting a course

  • Speed, time, distance calculation

  • Point fix & Running fix

  • Planning a short passage

International Regulations for Preventing Collision at sea

  • Rules application

  • Steering and sailing: Look out, safe speed, risk of collision, etc

  • Lights and shapes

  • Sound and light signals

Tides & Current

  • Tides and its causes

  • Spring tide & Neap tide

  • Tidal definitions

  • Tidal streams

  • Currents and its causes

Weather study

  • Effect of weather on sailing

  • Sources of weather information

  • High and Low pressure

  • Barometer and Barograph

  • Warm and Cold front

  • Sea breeze & Land breeze

  • Beaufort scale

  • Types of clouds

Man, overboard procedure & Anchoring technique

  • Possible situations for M.O.B.

  • Types of anchors

  • Considerations before anchoring

  • Preparation for the sea

Experience requirement : Non

Language of instruction: English/ France / Spanish 

Minimum duration: 2-3 days

Minimum age: 16

License type and restrictions :

Boat type : Sailboat & Motorboat available 

Sailing Distance : Up to 20 miles from the coast 

Boat Size: up to 15 meter 

Sailing Time: Day & Night time

ISSA  License certificate 

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