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Oasis Boat Club

Created for boating lovers in IBIZA who want to enjoy the sea 365 days a year without the hassle of boat ownership and maintenance.

Join the Oasis Boat Club

Limited Memberships Available

An Oasis Boat Club membership is the perfect way to enjoy unlimited days of boating without the hassle of caring and maintaining a boat. Sparkling new boats are waiting for you and your family and friends in some of the most prestigious ports in Ibiza. 

Enjoy unlimited boating with fully maintenanced boats while we take care of the rest, no need to worry about storage, cleaning, or ensuring things are running smoothly to avoid delays in your precious off-time. Being a member of the Oasis Boat Club also offers perks not available anywhere else, from exclusive services, training, courses, and events to complete the boating experience.

Benefits of Joining the Oasis Boat Club

Unlimited Boating, 365 Days a Year

The number of private memberships in the Oasis Boat Club is limited to guarantee maximum availability. As an Oasis Boat Club member, you are guaranteed X of boating days per year. Oasis Boat Club offers its members unlimited boating, year-round! All our boats are in the water 365 days, ready to be enjoyed by you and your friends and family!

Fueling & Cleaning Services

Never worry about marine refueling and maintaining the look of a boat ever again! Complementary fueling and cleanings are offered to our members for the most enjoyable boating experience. Whenever you board a new boat for a drive, you’ll arrive at the port confident that you’re ready to go and not have to worry about the details.

Boating Insurance Included

Full coverage insurance is included for all Oasis Boat Club members at no additional cost. Both the membership boats as well as the people onboard, and their belongings, are fully covered by our insurance. Damage to the boat is not covered, so you are still responsible for the care of the propellers and it’s driving.

Being a Member vs. Owning a Boat

Financial disadvantages aside, owning a boat takes a large amount of time. Those looking to get in and out of the water prefer a membership over ownership as it allows them to dedicate more time to enjoying their boating trip versus worrying about maintenance.

Ready to Join? 

Ready for the new wave of boating? If so, an Oasis Boat Club membership is perfect for you! 

Simply fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible with membership details and assistance to get you on the water within days!

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